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Jamescameronavatargameofflineactivationkeygenreloadedtorrents A: You're trying to match a string that contains a specific number of lines, but is not limited to the lines of the exact number. And you're excluding the lines that start with a # from your match. You probably should use a positive lookbehind: (?Michael Conroy / AP Photo Facebook may have started as a social site, but now it’s becoming an ad network. Facebook ads — anything with an “ad” in front of it — now account for as much as 51% of all digital display advertising, according to a new study from BIA/Kelsey. Among that number, 12% of people now visit Facebook’s website through an ad, and 34% from the Facebook mobile app. And here’s something to keep in mind: The more ad impressions people see, the more likely they are to remember the brand — which can be an important factor in customers deciding what to buy. Facebook, unlike Google, believes that an ad in the middle of a web page, or on YouTube, is more effective than one in the corner of an email. (A Facebook spokesman said the ad data has not changed.) “It’s very hard to measure what you get for that dollar,” he said. “We feel that’s what people want.” But John DeVincent, vice president of product management at audience-data provider comScore, said the Facebook data was troubling. He said people were reading less and spending more time watching video on Facebook, so they were no longer seeing ads at the same rate as they had earlier. “They’re kind of running out of room to grow.” For its part, Facebook is trying to differentiate itself with better ad technology, to hold on to people and keep them on the site, and with a better sense of their purchases and interests. And it hopes that Facebook ads will eventually make up the majority of digital display ads, as they do on TV and radio. “Our advertising, whether it’s on mobile, whether it’s desktop or whether it’s a TV,” said Facebook director of product management Ethan Beard, “we think those will be the majority of how people consume digital.”You really 648931e174

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